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What Matters at Our Table

Anyone can create a look, but what really makes Amefa stand out is our passion for lasting quality and craftsmanship. We never cut corners which makes our cutlery beautiful down to the very last detail. As choice and value go hand in hand for us, you can be sure that whatever your taste and budget, we've got a set to suit you.

The relationships we make are hugely important to us too. We build trust with our customers and partners, and we strive to deliver the service we would expect as a customer, in a language that everyone can understand.

Next time you sit down to eat, raise your expectations with the finest cutlery from Amefa.

Quality & Expertise

Setting Tables Around the World Since 1931

Amefa is a cutlery brand with a strong reputation internationally. Our Amefa products are sold in more than 30 countries. We specialise in catering, mass retail and traditional retail distribution.

With extensive expertise in manufacturing stainless steel products, we apply high quality standards to all of our products to guarantee durability and lasting performance.

The assurance of fine quality and attention to detail at every price level is synonymous with the Amefa brand.


1931  Eugen Hollaender founded the Amefa company in The Netherlands, initially producing razor blades

1941  Amefa implement production expansion to meet demand

1948  Amefa switched their production to cutlery and opened their first factory in Johannesburg, South Africa

1952  Development of Amefa brand sales outside of Europe

1956  Amefa produce the first hollow handle knife

1964  Through the development of a new technique, Amefa silver plated cutlery gained an excellent reputation

1966  Amefa Solingen established in Germany

1968  Amefa Japan established

1974  Production methods were modernised and sales grew significantly in mass retail

1988  Amefa become one of the major players in the global cutlery market

1990  Sales expanded to all main retailers in Europe

1996  Amefa became one of the major volume brands in Europe through its international subsidiaries

2001  Launch of the high end Amefa premiere ranges

2006  Couzon France join Amefa

2007  Richardson Sheffield brand joins Amefa

2010  Medard de Noblat France joins Amefa

2015  Paul Wirths and Kuppels Germany join Amefa

Eugen Hollaender